Reciclaje de plugins de WordPress desactualizados

Esta tarde actualizando un plugin (el Twitter Badge Widget) descubrí un nuevo nicho que no se me había ocurrido.
El plugin cambió de nombre (ahora es PluginChief Twitter Badge Widget) e incluye enlaces a Pluginchief en el nombre de los autores, pero lo que más llama la atención es el alert que se abre en el Dashboard de WP invitándote a que, tanto si eres el desarrollador como un simple usuario, les des datos de plugins abandonados para que ellos se hagan cargo del desarrollo y mantenimiento posterior.

Recycle your plugin

There is no arguing that the WordPress plugin repository is negatively affected by out-of-date and abandoned plugins. It is totally understandable from a developers point of view why so many plugins get abandoned, we get busy and don’t have the time to spend on support and updates. The obvious down side though is that there are typically tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of users who depend on that plugin to work in one way or another, and every plugin that is neglected hurts the overall WordPress Community. That is why PluginChief has started the Plugin Recycling Program. If you know of any plugins that you wish were still active, or you are a author and don’t have the time and don’t want to leave users hanging, contact us through this form. We will look over every plugin submitted and do whatever we can to address it, but we can not guarantee we can get to every plugin and offer it on PluginChief. Also, if you are an author of a paid plugin but don’t want to keep it up anymore, let us know, we also do profit sharing.

Cuál es el modelo de negocio?
El desarrollo de plugins de pago?
Esto es una táctica para obtener enlaces entrantes únicamente?

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